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        1. Dana<sup>?</sup> Crate Axles

          Genuine Dana? Crate Axles – prepackaged and ready to ride.

          For more than a century, Dana has set the standard for dependability, strength, and performance for OEM vehicle manufacturers.  Now, to meet a growing consumer demand for genuine Dana® axles, Dana brings genuine Dana 44™, Dana 60™, Ultimate Dana 44™, and Ultimate Dana 60™ Crate Axles to the market, complete with genuine Spicer® gearing in a variety of ratios.  Dana’s specialized Crate Axle distributor program provides a prepackaged solution for many light vehicle drivetrain builds that are manufactured to exacting standards.

          That way, you can take the guesswork out of axle replacement and ensure that you get Dana quality right out of the box.  The Dana Crate Axle Program provides a solid foundation for your next drivetrain build.  Everything including the housing, gears, bearings, and axle shafts are brand new and manufactured to exacting standards.  All you need to add are brackets and brake components that fit your needs.  You'll find an axle to get you down any road you travel!

          Learn more about the genuine Dana Crate Axle program.