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        1. Dana<sup>?</sup> Crate Axles

          Bigger, Better – Powered by Dana?

          Magnum Gaskets is a rapidly growing line of complete gaskets sets for cars and light trucks, domestics and imports, designed by America’s most skilled and experienced aftermarket gasket engineers. In 2016, Magnum Gaskets became part of Dana Incorporated, the worldwide leader in manufacturing gaskets and sealing products for light duty and heavy duty vehicle manufacturers, both on-road and off-road. Magnum Gasket sets provide all the proper components needed for technicians to perform effective, long-lasting repairs and avoid comebacks.
          The Magnum Gaskets line includes all the major categories of gasket sets – Head Gaskets, Head Sets, Intake Manifold Sets, Exhaust Manifold Sets, Valve Cover Sets, Oil Pan Sets, Timing Cover Sets and so forth. Coverage ranges from 1955 to the present, from V8 Muscle Cars to the latest High-Tech 4 and 6 cylinder engines. Special attention is given to the expanding Light Duty Diesel Truck Market. In all cases, the most appropriate gasket technology is supplied, including Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) gaskets and combinations of precision molded elastomers, polymers and metals.

          For more complete information, visit magnumgaskets.com.