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        1. North America Aftermarket

          Aftermarket Support for North America

          At Dana, we offer top-tier Spicer® aftermarket products that adhere to rigid OE manufacturing specs for optimal performance and reliability. When paired with our expert customer support, you can maximize the return on investment for your commercial vehicles in North America.

          In fact, our expanded field sales and service organization is focused on the more than 4,000 commercial vehicle OEMs and dealerships across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Plus we have more than 100 professionals, including dedicated applications and engineering contacts as well as 20+ field-based service representatives with an average of 25 years of industry experience to keep your fleets moving.

          Lubrication Information

          To keep Spicer® products running at maximum performance, be sure to use high-quality lubricants. View our recommendations.

          Spicer? Tools and Resources

          Spicer Tool Kit
          Includes valuable tools such as service literature, calculators, Spicer® Anglemaster® and other aftermarket programs. Check them all out here.

          Spicer Garage 
          Features installation and repair videos on a wide variety of topics, right from the experts. Watch a tutorial now

          Ratio Flex Program

          Helps dealers close sales of stock vehicles that otherwise might be in jeopardy because axle ratios may not meet customer requirements. To get started, view our step-by-step process

          The Expert®
          Our Interactive Aftermarket Product Information System for driveshaft products and heavy duty axle products.

          Spicer? Parts Availability

          To check immediate availability of our genuine Spicer® service parts and SVL® aftermarket parts, visit our website here. Please note: you will need the most current part number.