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        1. Overview

          With the vision of being the global technology leader in efficient power conveyance and energy management solutions, we are looking for talented people. 

          We tell our customers and shareholders that Dana’s global network of manufacturing, engineering, office, and distribution facilities is a competitive advantage.  The “bricks and mortar” means we are close to our customers and ready to support their needs.  What makes those facilities perform and keep customers satisfied, though, are the talented people we employ.  

          We appreciate your interest in employment at Dana.  We have a lot to offer in many different types of careers around the world.  Dana offers a competitive and comprehensive benefits package to our employees globally and will vary based on location and responsibilities. 

          Diversity and Inclusion   Career Paths  Community
          Dana is continuously
          building on its diverse strengths
          to further cultivate a strong,
          inclusive work environment.

          What moves you?  
          Every day our corporate
          team provides support
          to create a
          high-performance culture.

          Dana sincerely believes in our fundamental values of honesty and integrity and being a good corporate citizen.

           Locations  Dana Careers - U.S. Dana Careers - International
          Part of what makes Dana unique is our global footprint. 
          We are a global leader.

          Explore our US Career Opportunities Here…

          Explore our International Career Opportunities Here…

          University Relations

          Here at Dana, through our graduate and paid Intern/Co-op programs 

          Note: The safety and security of your personal information is very important to us. Because of this, applications for open positions are only accepted through Dana.com and our U.S. and International career portals. Our hiring policy requires an in-person interview and we never ask for any personal banking information as part of the interview process.