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        1. Guidelines for Grant Requests

          Educating Our Children & Ourselves 
          The Dana Charitable Foundation is vitally interested in the educational process and its impact on the workforce in our communities. We recognize that education is key to our future success.

          Revitalizing Our Neighborhoods & Communities
          Through the revitalization of our neighborhoods and communities, we are reenergized. New environments should and will evolve that meet the needs and face the challenges of our world. Neighborhood projects impacting people and/or improving the quality of life are a priority of the Dana Charitable Foundation.

          Enlightening Our Lives Through Art and Culture
          Beyond the necessities of life, other dimensions become important. From the symphony and ballet to museums, community arts festivals and children’s art education programs, art and cultural activities enhance the quality of our own lives and our communities. The Dana Charitable Foundation is dedicated to making the world a better place in which to live and work.

          Improving Our Physical & Mental Well-Being
          Health agencies and clinics, shelters for the homeless or abused, and intervention centers are just a few of the projects supported by the Dana Charitable Foundation. Through support of organizations dedicated to the provision of physical and mental care to those in need, we are taking steps toward improving the future of our children and ourselves.

          Grant Application
          If your organization wishes to be considered for a grant from the Dana Charitable Foundation, simply enter the required information on the Foundation portal (dana.com/foundation). This request should clearly state the overall objectives of your organization and the purpose of the project proposed.

          You will receive a follow-up email that will allow to you attach an organization chart and your most recent financial statement and tax return. Any supplementary materials that provide an explanation and description of the project are encouraged. Applications for pilot projects must address plans for continuing the project after support from the Dana Charitable Foundation ends. Applications for challenge grants and/or matching grants are welcome.

          While we welcome a wide variety of grant proposals, the Dana Foundation does not make grants to individuals or to:
          • Organizations that practice discrimination inconsistent with the protections outlined in the Dana Incorporated Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
          • Religious organizations for projects or programs exclusively denominational or sectarian in purpose
          • Political organizations or political campaigns
          • United Way affiliated organizations that are applying for operating expense support
          • Booster clubs, parent organizations, alumni dues, tuition, or fees
          In addition, the Foundation does not purchase tickets to charitable dinners or other fund-raising events or contribute to special occasion advertising.

          Grant Criteria
          We are committed to improving the communities in which Dana people live and work. Indeed, we “help” by focusing financial support through grants from the Dana Charitable Foundation to the communities where Dana facilities are located and to the causes to which our employees, friends and neighbors are committed.

          The Dana Foundation was established for “charitable purposes” in 1956 by our company’s namesake, Charles A. Dana. The initial funding of the Foundation came from the company, which donated a parcel of real estate located in Plainfield, New Jersey, and from shares of common stock of the Brockway Motor Company of Brockway, New York. Controlled by a Board of Directors who are Dana people, the Foundation operates independently from the company and has grown to provide substantive support to qualified projects.

          In making grant determinations, the Dana Foundation favors organizations which:
          • Articulate clear objectives and plans
          • Incorporate active volunteer boards, respected leadership, competent administrations, and a broad base of support
          • Demonstrate a measurable and potentially lasting impact through the projects/services provided
          • Focus on problem prevention rather than problem solution
          • Have 501(c)(3) status under the Internal Revenue Code