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        1. Dana Expectations

          The mission of Dana’s purchasing professionals is:

          To increase shareholder value by procuring quality goods, services, and materials worldwide at the best total cost from qualified suppliers.

          To support this mission, we expect our suppliers to:

          • Drive continuous improvement in their organization using tools such as, Kaizen Blitzes, Value Analysis/Value Engineering, and Excellence in Manufacturing.
          • Dramatically reduce defective Parts per Million (PPM) rates toward our corporate goal of 0.
          • Continuously improve performance in Dana’s Supplier Performance Feedback System rating system.
          • Our business relationship will be based on the requirements set forth in the Supplier Quality and Development Manual as well  as  the contract or purchase order terms and conditions that are specific to your transaction(s) with Dana.
          • Effectively manage their own suppliers to ensure the best quality, service, and value.