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        1. Dana Axles for Light Vehicles

          Spicer? Axles for Light Vehicles

          Featuring flexible design options to deliver maximum efficiency and durability.

          As a leader in light-vehicle technologies for over a century, Dana has continued its legacy as an industry pioneer by engineering the most efficient axle line ever created for passenger cars, CUVs, SUVs, light trucks, and vans.  Available in beam and independent configurations, Dana’s Spicer® axles are customized with countless design and manufacturing options that provide maximum power in a smaller package. 

          Learn more about how Dana created the most fuel efficient axle yet here

          Ranges Covered:

          • Torque Capacities: 2,100 up to 21,500 Nm
          • Ring Gear Sizes: 140 – 300 mm
          • Gear Ratios: 2.19 – 6.14

          Available Differential Systems

          We offer four differentials to meet your specific requirements and improve vehicle power density, performance, and durability.

          Trac-Lok™: Torque sensing, clutch-style limited slip differential that improves traction and acceleration performance. Complements brake-based traction control systems to increase torque transfer and improve brake durability.

          Powr-Lok™: Clutch style limited slip differential equipped with medium bias for on-road driving or high bias for off-road performance. Enhances cornering and control.

          Hydra-Lok™: Hydraulic clutch style limited slip differential for high locking capacities under slip conditions. Improves handling and control during normal driving and enhanced acceleration conditions.

          Locking Differential: Pneumatic and electric options transfer all driveline torque to one wheel. Prevents wheel differentiation, allowing both wheels to turn at the same speed in all conditions for increased mobility.