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        1. Spicer Performance Propshafts

          Spicer? Propshaft Products

          Spicer propshafts offer the widest range of angle options and torque capacities, from 700 to 7,000 Nm, to enhance the performance and efficiency of the world’s largest and smallest vehicles. With one-, two-, or three-piece configurations, joints, end-fittings, material, and welding options, each propshaft can be easily customized to accommodate specific packaging requirements and design challenges. Delivering more torque in a smaller package, Spicer propshafts are precision engineered to reduce driveline weight and are expertly balanced for a smoother, quieter ride.

          Compare Joint Options

          Spicer® propshafts with premium joints cover the complete spectrum of light vehicles.

          Compare Spicer Propshafts

          High-Strength Tube Options

          Multiple tube options for propshafts, available in either steel or aluminum, help increase vehicle safety, crash ratings, and strength.

          Splined Plunging

          • Longer slip area with lower slip force
          • Enables longer collapse of propshaft
          • Available with any universal joint type or material


          • Reduced swing diameter
          • Compact packaging
          • Optimal critical speed
          • Easy access to end-fitting fasteners
          • Reduces complexity

          Spicer® Diamond Series®

          • Joins universal joints to aluminum tube
          • Greatest power density
          • Weighs up to 25 percent less
          • Greater assembly clearance
          • Reduces cabin noise and vibration
          • Increased strength over straight aluminum tube

          Full Range of End-Fittings

          Dana offers a wide variety of end-fittings for propshafts with wear-resistant coatings to maximize durability.

          End Fittings for Spicer Propshafts

          Precision Welding Processes

          • Friction Welding – Reduces propshaft run out on aluminum or steel tubes
          • Magnetic Impelled Arc Welding – Permits lower initial propshaft imbalance to improve ride quality
          • Magnetic Pulse Welding – High-precision welding of dissimilar metals with zero gas emissions
          • Metal Inert Gas Welding – Durable, proven method for welding aluminum and steel

          Pre-Packaged Propshafts

          Spicer Life Series®

          • Ideal for passenger cars, crossovers, sport-utility vehicles, pickups, and light commercial vehicles as well as new low-emission, high-efficiency light vehicles
          • Optimized to satisfy higher operating speeds and vehicle refinement
          • Torque capacities ranging from 700 - 7,000 Nm
          • High strength, lightweight, and compact service-free design
          • Features reduced backlash, low-effort slip splines
          • Material options for increased strength and reduced weight
          • High-speed, low imbalance operation for refined ride and drive

          Learn more about Spicer? Propshafts