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        1. Fuel Cell Products


          Dana is a market leader in the supply of components for tomorrow’s power sources, including hydrogen fuel-cell engines. Drawing on our global production facilities and Technology Centers, we engineer and manufacture product solutions to meet the exacting requirements of our OEM customers, including fuel-cell stack bipolar plates.

          Fuel-Cell Expertise

          We’ve been a leading developer of fuel-cell components in the electric vehicle and energy markets for more than a dozen years, earning General Motors’ QSTP Award, PSA Supplier Award, and twice the f-cell Gold Award for our technology innovations. Dana is committed to meeting your current and future needs. Whether it's fuel cells, batteries, hybrid-electric or internal combustion engines, Dana will be there to support you with innovative, reliable, alternative energy products.

          Quick Facts (about Dana fuel-cell components)

          • Meet customer performance and life expectancy goals through superior design and technology
          • Are designed for manufacturability and production volume scalability to minimize cost
          • Fuel-cell development centers located worldwide to support customers wherever they are
          • Global manufacturing facilities for high volume production supply