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        1. Hybrid and Electric Thermal Solutions


          As a leader in thermal-management technologies, Dana collaborates with global automakers and electronics manufacturers to create superior cooling solutions that meet the unique needs of battery systems and power electronics. These advanced cooling technologies are precision engineered for high thermal performance, reduced vehicle weight, and lower manufacturing costs.

          Thermal Solutions

          Battery Interelement Cooling Plate

          • Interleaved with prismatic lithium-ion cells    
          • Coating provides electrical insulation throughout the battery pack
          • High-precision stamped plates enable <1mm cooler assembly height
          • Flow path designed to minimize temperature variation across plate and throughout pack

          Battery Cold Plate

          • Stabilizes battery temperature and enables faster charge    
          • Lightweight aluminum, yet optimal support
          • Extracts heat from the lithium-ion battery cells and transfers it to Dana’s coolant chiller for heat removal

          Power Electronics Cooling Plate

          • Higher power density    
          • Integrated with semiconductor materials
          • Reduced fuel consumption, corrosion resistance
          • High-cycle durability against thermal fatigue
          • Ensures maximum junction temperature is limited
          • Maintains appropriate delta across system layers
          • Cools both surfaces of power module chip
          • Maximizes Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) efficiency

          Sub-Cooled Loop Radiator

          • Provides cooling to a lower temperature than possible with main radiator    
          • Designed for flow rates typical of electric pumps
          • Aluminum design for hybrid vehicles
          • Mounting configurations and sizes fit any vehicle
          • Available for various glycol- coolant flow options
          • Faster speed to market and low-cost tooling for standard sizes

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