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        1. Dana’s Electronic Limited Slip Differential (ELSD) technology delivers higher performance and mobility to light vehicles.

          Enhancing Light Vehicles

          Improving mobility and performance

          Dana’s Electronic Limited Slip Differential (ELSD) technology bridges the gap between a full all-wheel drive system and a two-wheel drive open differential system to deliver maximum tractive effort while improving drivability. It enhances stability while cornering and delivers higher torque capacity and greater controllability.

          Using proprietary software to determine optimal torque corrections, ELSD corrects unwanted driving behaviors in seconds. The unit can be pre-emptively engaged in situations where wheel slip is likely, such as starting from a stop in icy conditions. This bolt-on solution for any front-wheel drive transaxle or rear-wheel drive rear axle disconnects when not in use to boost efficiency.

          Dana’s ELSD technology surpasses the performance of a two-wheel drive open differential unit, without the added cost and inefficiencies of an all-wheel drive system. It is ideal for passenger cars, SUVs, and crossovers.