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        1. Dana Light-Vehicle engineers fuel saving technology.

          Fuel Efficiency

          Maximizing Fuel Economy

          The automotive industry is challenged with the task of improving fuel economy based on evolving requirements around the world while maintaining performance, reducing emissions, and improving system design. At Dana, our engineers meet and exceed these standards by working collaboratively with customers. Together, we customize a complete drivetrain system that fully integrates product technologies to provide the optimal level of fuel economy based on a given duty cycle. Our highest fuel saving technologies include: Spicer® AdvanTEK® high-efficiency axles, Spicer® constant velocity jointsactive warm-up units, and separator plates

          Dana optimizes fuel economy through:
          • Lightweighting 
          • Reducing product complexity
          • Unique welding processes
          • Systems-oriented approach 
          • Innovative materials 
          • Sophisticated design practices 
          • Exploring direct fuel injection and turbocharging