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        1. Dana Hybridization


          Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Solutions

          Technology-Driven Solutions

          A world leader in thermal technologies, Dana engineers work to provide heat-transfer solutions that are the result of meticulous design, manufacturing, and testing.

          Thermal Management Product Benefits:

          • Advanced Engineering Techniques
          • Careful technology development 
          • Withstands High-Power & High-Heat Situations
          • Optimizes Vehicle Performance & Efficiency
          • Ensures Long-Term Material Reliability (for consistent operation)
          Download our Thermal Products Brochure

          Battery & Electronics Cooling

          Dana collaborates with global automakers and electronics manufacturers to create superior cooling solutions that meet the unique needs of today’s battery systems and power electronics in hybrid and electric vehicles. 

          Taking specialized requirements into consideration such as charging infrastructures, battery range, durability, and cooling, Dana consistently delivers high-volume manufacturing, low costs, and precision-quality components, including:
          • Battery Inter-element Cooling Plates
          • Battery Cold Plates
          • Power Electronics Cooling Plates
          • Sub-Cooled Loop Radiators
          Learn more about our Thermal Management Products for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.