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        1. Dana Lightweighting Methods


          Advanced lightweighting solutions

          Automotive industry leaders are making significant progress by investing in lightweighting methods to further improve on fuel economy and emissions. Advanced technologies are key, as suppliers integrate materials like carbon fiber and high-performance plastics to achieve weight reduction targets.

          At Dana, designers have applied the advantages of thermoplastics to sealing modules by fusing multiple parts into a single component, which offers considerable weight reduction, component integration, and assembly cost savings. Dana has also engineered weight-reducing technologies and materials into other products, including Spicer® propshafts, Spicer® AdvanTEK® high-efficiency axles, aluminum heat shields, NexstrusionTM axle tube technology, and NextrusionTM hollow shaft technologies.

          Dana’s lightweighting methods:

          • Alternative materials including plastics and aluminum
          • Fusing materials like carbon fiber and high-performance plastics
          • Design integration, reducing system/product components
          • Combining manufacturing capabilities
          • Precision single- and multi-cavity thermoplastic injection molding 
          • Vibration welding