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        1. Dana lowers NVH


          Lowering NVH for a smoother ride and drive

          Lowering noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) levels is key to achieving a smoother, quieter ride and drive, and every small variation during manufacturing can affect those levels. But through extensive research, design, and rigorous product testing, Dana has effectively integrated unique technologies throughout many powertrain components to achieve significantly lower NVH levels than competitor products. 

          Spicer® AdvanTEK® High-Efficiency Axle can reduce NVH levels as much as 25 MTE with:

          • Up-front NVH modeling to address system issues before prototypes exist
          • High contact ratio gear designs
          • Wide-face widths for easy positioning
          • Precision assembly and NVH testing to vehicle-specific limit
          • NVH experts in five different regions to support customer locally

          Victor Reinz® Thermal Acoustical Protection Shields:

          • Absorbs underhood noises 
          • Decouples exhaust system vibrations 
          • Insulating damping layers
          • Exclusive acoustical dimpled core
          • Tuned for any application
          • Eliminates the need for expensive acoustical treatments

          Spicer® Propshafts:

          • Expertise to configure proposhafts for lowest system NVH at best value
          • High-speed, precision balanced