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        1. Spicer? Axles


          Spicer? axles are designed to deliver maximum performance for a variety of agriculture, construction, material handling, mining, and forestry machines with load ratings from 545 to 65,500 Kg (1,200 to 144,400 lbs). Our single-reduction, planetary, specialty and transaxle lines deliver the reliability, power, and performance needed in rough terrains. With a wide variety of options and modular configurations, we can further customize each product to suit regional preferences and existing machine systems.


          • Load ratings from 545 to 65,500 Kg (1,200 to 144,400 lbs)
          • Modular designs to meet regional needs and faster delivery
          • Maintenance-free add-ons
          • Wide range of track widths
          • Vehicle frame attachments
          • Biasing differential options
          • Foundation service brakes
          • Spring-applied hydraulic release parking brake
          • Inboard and outboard wet disc brakes


          View our complete system solutions for the following machines and applications:

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