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        1. Spicer? Wheel and Track Drive Solutions

          Spicer? Wheel and Track Drive Solutions

          An ideal solution for mobile applications, the unique Spicer® planetary design offers cost benefits savings and other advantages. Spicer wheel drives are used across a wide range of vehicles, including agricultural machines, self-propelled working platforms, forklifts, and heavy-duty wheeled vehicles. Spicer track drive units are used in tracked vehicles across many industries, including mining and construction. Plus, our wheel and track drives are available with a full package of related Brevini hydraulic motors and valves that can be customized to meet any requirement.


          • Integrated Brevini brand hydraulic motors for compact dimensions
          • Suitable for hydraulic and electric motors on demand
          • Internal multidisc parking brake
          • Manual disengagement device for towing
          • High radial and axial load capacity bearings
          • Suitable for low-temperature working conditions


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