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        1. Dana Europe


          Operations and technology development in Europe are at the heart of Dana’s off-highway business with major manufacturing and innovation hubs based in Belgium and Italy as well as other manufacturing sites in the UK, Germany, and Hungary. From these, Dana offers transmissions and related controls (powershift and hydrostatic), axles and driveshafts for all off-highway applications plus a suite of advanced technology system solutions including:

          • Spicer® CTIS – Automatically adjusts tire pressure to suit both on- and off-road travel. Improves tire life, traction, and fuel efficiency.

          Dana Rexroth Transmission Systems is a 50/50 joint venture with Bosch Rexroth that is also based in Italy. The company designs and manufactures the advanced Hydrodynamic-Variable Transmission (HVT), which offers fuel savings of up to 30% and other features to reduce overall vehicle operating costs.

          End-customers for vehicles featuring Dana technologies are supported by a global network of more than 100 Spicer® authorized service centers.