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        1. Dana Cost Reduction Strategy

          Reducing Cost of Ownership

          Dana takes on the challenge of cost reduction on off-highway machinery at every opportunity with various products, technologies, and features to help meet financial goals.   

          Reducing fuel consumption: 

          • Advanced electronic controls
          • Lowering frictional losses
          • Improving gearing design
          • Freewheel and lockup features
          • Integrating hybrid technologies
          Increasing productivity:
          • Smoother shifting and reduced NVH
          • Efficient operating modes with electronic controls
          • Shift-on-fly hydrostatic technology 
          • Hybrid systems that accelerate Y-cycle times
          • Improving operator comfort to get more done
          Reducing maintenance costs:
          • Maintenance-free features
          • Lube-for-life driveshafts
          • Optimized lube flow throughout gearing and housing
          • Minimizing churning losses
          • Less downtime and service
          • Aftermarket support
          • Spicer® Off-Highway Service Centers