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        1. The Power Behind the Power Ahead

          The automotive industry is in the midst of a massive technological shift. OEMs are rethinking the way we move the world, transitioning from being simply metal-banging vehicle manufacturers to becoming complete mobility service providers. Meanwhile, emissions regulations and government policies are manifesting at an ever-increasing pace, accelerating the need for alternative propulsion solutions, and specifically, powertrain electrification. 

          These forces, and others, are all coming together at full speed, ultimately revolutionizing not only the way vehicles are powered, but also the way they’re built.

          Leading the Drivetrain & Propulsion Evolution

          As the only supplier with the capability to deliver complete, fully-integrated e-Drive Systems, Dana is a leader in this new era of mobility. Leveraging our expertise in both power generation and conveyance for electrified vehicles, we partner with OEMs to provide the drivetrain and propulsion systems and components they need to remain at the forefront of this electrification movement. 

          Always a step ahead, Dana already has a number of electrified products in production, including:
          We are actively investing in and expanding our electrification capabilities to evolve in tandem with the light vehicle, commercial vehicle, and off-highway markets.

          Expanding Capabilites

          The recent acquisition of controlling interest in TM4 Inc. provides Dana with an in-house source for electric motors, power inverters, and control systems. 

          This specialized expertise, in combination with our established drivetrain and thermal management offering, positions Dana as the only supplier with complete e-Drive System capabilities.

          Electrification Expertise

          Dana has been involved in electrification for more than 20 years. In that time we’ve acquired critical expertise, resources, and technologies that enable us to partner with and support OEMs at any stage in their electrification progression, anywhere in the world.
          • Mechatronics Innovation – Dana is at the forefront of integrating mechanical and electrical components for electrified applications, with six global tech centers focused on mechatronics innovation.
          • Thermal Management Experience – We’ve spent years perfecting our battery and electronic cooling technologies, and have shipped more than 23 million battery cooling components to date.
          • NVH Excellence – Having mastered the reduction of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) in our existing products, our engineering team is well-equipped with the expertise to minimize NVH in even the quietest electrified applications.
          • Fuel Cell Capabilities – Experts say that fuel cell technology may be the future of vehicle propulsion—and if that is the case, we’re 15+ years ahead of the competition, with multiple fuel cell components already in production.
          • Drivetrain Leadership – With over a century of experience as a drivetrain solutions leader, many of our customers engage us as a strategic partner, able to help guide electric vehicle architecture for seamless integration and maximum efficiency.